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1. MSTS Indian Railways Bhuj-Ahmedabad Route

MSTS Indian Railways Bhuj-Ahmedabad Route v1.0. Bhuj to Ahmedabad route is one of the important routes of Kutch region. Total distance of the route is 334 km (201 miles). It is compressed to 210 km. It is not based on dem and markers, it is a fictional route. It is single line and non-electrified route.

Author : Apurv Soni

2.MSTS Indian Railways Mumbai-Amritsar Route

MSTS Mumbai-Amritsar Route version 2 (INDRAIL V2). Part 1/3. A route in Indian Railways between Mumbai and Amritsar which also includes the following sections
1. Mumbai-Ahmedabad Mainline
2. New Delhi-Itarsi Mainline
3. Ambala Cantt.-Kalka Link Line

Author: Arnab Sinha

3.MSTS Indian Railways NFR Route Guwahati-New Jalpaiguri

MSTS Indian Railways NFR Route Guwahati-New Jalpaiguri v1.0. Guwahati to New Jalpaiguri route is one of the most important routes of the Indian Railways. The entire northeast is linked to the rest of the country through a single-line railway running through a small corridor known as the "chicken's neck" near Siliguri. This route simulates the Guwahati to New Jalpaiguri stretch through forrests and green paddy fields of Lower Assam and North Bengal. Actual length of the route has been compressed to approximately 160 km on the Simulator.

Author: Pradeep Kumar Baishya

4.MSTS Route Konkan Railway

MSTS Route--Konkan Railway. The Konkan Railway is a marvel created by Indian Railways. The route is in total 750 km running along the Indian West Coast. In the simulation the portion from Roha to Ratnagiri is considered covering the distance of 210 km. There are 33 tunnels up to Ratnagiri from Roha. The terrain is red soil and greenery. The karbude tunnel is 6.5 km, longest tunnel in India. The route was done by RRP railsimulations. Tunnel work was entirely done by RCP Rail Engineering (previously known as RCP Dynamic Track Solutions.)

Author: Ranjit Ramchandra Pendse

5.MSTS Indian Railways Delhi Calcutta Route


MSTS Indian Railways Delhi Calcutta Route Part 1 (version 3). Route updated with corrected track alignments, better consist textures, signal logic and better night textures. 180 KM compressed route from New Delhi to Mughalsarai. Trunk route passing through North Indian Gangetic plains is one of the most important routes of the Indian Railways.

Author: Shantanu Biswas 

MSTS Indian Railways Delhi Calcutta Route Part 2 (version 3). Route with updated hill section, better consist textures,signal logic and better night textures. 200 KM compressed route from Mughalsarai to Howrah and Sealdah (Calcutta). Trunk route passing through hilly terrains before descending to the Gangetic plains of Eastern state of West Bengal. 

Author: Shantanu Biswas

6.MSTS Indian Railways Margao Londa MG Line

MSTS Route--Indian Railways Margao-Londa MG Line Beta v0.1. MSTS rendering of the pre-1995 Margao (Goa) to Londa Meter Gauge branch line of the Indian Railways (South Central Railway). It is a single line taking us from the costal tourist town of Margao to Londa junction on the Pune-Bangalore main line. It ascends close to 600 meters to reach the top of the Deccan Plateau through very scenic mountain line, passing right through the mighty Dudhsagar water falls at a height of 600 meters. Explore mode also available.

7.MSTS Indian Valley Route

MSTS Indian Valley Route. A fictional route located in Andrha Pradesh, India, suitable for steam, diesel and electric traction. This route is based on the default S&C route. Three activities using default stock are included. Needs X-tracks.

Author :  Hendrik De Wattman.